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Formerly Design Train……….Brand Action loves to help tell your story and build business

Shane Strudwick - Trainer, designer, photographer, branding, marketingWhen I started my graphic design journey as Design Train in February 2000 it was, at the time, a metaphor for pioneering, opening new territory, moving large volumes of information to a larger world and going forward. Design Train was about creating new frontiers, networks and connecting to larger markets but ensuring the journey maintains just as much integrity as the destination.

Now, Design Train has become Brand Action. The picture became even bigger and view has changed.  I assist businesses, organisations and entire regions share their message, story and build their brand for the long term with solid strategies.

Hi, I’m Shane, Director of Brand Action and I love what we do. There’s nothing I enjoy more than rolling up my sleeves and getting to know a business, its industry, their marketplace, and most important, their clients (both new and existing). That’s how I assist you in getting the best result and most effective design strategy and solutions. It’s great helping other organisation’s grow.

My over 25 years experience in print, design, web development and marketing experience, I’ve come to really understand the success formulas about branding, marketing and the psychology of humans, plus all the tricks and the pitfalls to avoid. Our clients can testify to the effectiveness of strategies that we develop with them which make a dramatic impact on their business, marketplace and their bottom line.

The other important thing is, I treat your investment as if it was my own. So you can be assured that my team of web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and programmers will get your project completed to your requirements and budget, whatever they are.

I also run great e-marketing training that brings many benefits to participants and organisations. See for yourself >

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Below is a great video  ‘The places you’ll go‘. We’re sharing not for any other reason its just a wonderful message from and Dr Seuss and uplifting video on the journey of life. Enjoy!

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