Other Visual Elements

Planes, boats and automobiles

The world of visual communication extends far beyond logos and stationery. Signs, displays, banners and other elements all come to form part of your brand and have direct impact on the perception of your clients. Sometimes size does matter and communication in any medium needs to be considerate of several elements – medium, viewing distance, and your message.

Although this is not a large feature of our business, it goes to highlight the extent of our services and where identities and branding can extend.


Creating an effective sign that can be seen goes hand in hand with the application of the logo. A powerful, bold and strong logo can effectively be used in signage and still uphold the brand and identity of the business or company.


Communication via displays needs to invite people first and then give them all the information they need. There are different kinds of display and display systems.



We love working on large projects. Our branding has reached new heights with applications on fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. We can either work with signage companies or supply the logo and styles to suit.


In the competitive world of houseboats in Australia, Brand Action has managed to help clients make a mark on the Murray. With the creation of very distinctive logos and designs any business will be well branded using Design Train’s services.


Design for cars and vans need to integrate well with the brand and the vehicle. Contact us about your next signage.


We’ve successfully completed work on various mediums including glass, corflute, steel and other forms. Talk to us about your project and see how the Brand Action point of view can ensure you stand out.