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Wentworth Region town signs

Wentworth Region town signs

Part of developing a foundation for a good regional brand is utilising all visual elements that visitors come into contact with. Brand Action have a 10 point plan and strategy to ensuring all the key touch points for visitors are consistent with the visual brand experience which the Wentworth Shire have followed to precision.

Town signs, visitor information bays and other interpretive sign all play a vital role in the development of a strong brand. Although due to highways regulations we couldn’t put the website www.visitwentworth.com.au on the main town entrance signs they have the strong brand elements.

The visitor information bays have a call to action using both website and QR codes and strong brand reference using both the ‘ribbons’ of life and the our byline ‘Australia’s Murray Darling Heartland‘.

Ultimately all elements in the Wentworth Shire (region) will have strong visual links back to the overall visual brand strategy.