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Good design is the difference between being seen and not

When clients ask us what are they getting for their money it’s difficult to quantify and explain. Basically, what’s the value you place on a good image for your business? Largely, clients have the belief that they can create their own website, design their own logo and manage their own branding, and they can – if they choose. This will save them money, but what is the cost to their brand and business? In order to step past being frugal on your business and realise that design and branding has enormous value, there needs an understanding of the rules that govern quality and marketable brands and design, which is a whole new conversation.

So what is the value you place on a good image for your business? We rate it as high and not because that’s our business but it’s the fundamental basis that humans make choices around… it’s emotion driven. If you look around you, design is in everything and it distinguishes you from your competitor. The type of car you drive appeals to you on some level; the clothes you wear. Design and branding play a large role in your choices.

Design is sometimes the only point of difference in some markets. If you present a poor image it may be assumed that your business is poor. The reality is that image counts big time. But the great news is you can have a quality brand for a minor investment. However, your awareness and education is important on this subject.

design is the fundamental basis that humans make choices around…it’s emotion driven.

A well-rounded business needs well-rounded leadership and vision. Brands aren’t complicated but we need to understand that there’s a difference between a brand, identity and a logo (Brand & Marketing Tips). Behind a solid brand is the identity. Most of the time people may see your business only through your communications such as a logo, website or advertising. What is it saying about you? Do you value consistency and positioning of your identity and brand. The logo isn’t the brand? It’s a logo representing your company distilled to a graphic element.

If you position your brand well and keep it consistent it will begin adding value to your company. We understand this and it’s our mission and goal to help our clients continuously improve the value of their business. Please read our testimonials and you’ll see that our clients are happy with their results. So, again, what is the value you place on a good image for your business? Contact us if you’d like a brand and identity overhaul to reposition your business in this highly competitive world. We guarantee we’ll work with you.

What’s the value of a name and trademark?

Rolls Royce, perhaps the most prestigious car brand in the world, was the subject of a takeover battle between BMW and Volkswagen. In a complex deal, VW bought the factory which produced Rolls and Bentley for $1.2 billion. However, BMW paid $100 million for the rights to the Rolls Royce brand name.

Marketing analysts agreed that while it lost the big battle (for the factory and all) to VW, it won the war by getting the Rolls Royce name for a bargain. Many felt that the true value of the prestige brand name was more like $400 million. “The Toronto Star, July 29, 1998”

We can’t put a price on any logo or brand for your company. However, if a company focuses on its brand as an asset it needs to protect this unique trademark. Design Train owns and manages several of our own trademarks to ensure we keep our brand well-protected through our identity.