Adelaide Aerial Drone Video & Photography

Adelaide aerial drone and video & photography

Brand Action specialised Adelaide, South Australian and regional Australia drone video and photography services with a tourism twist. We will provide great and unique aerial footage of your business, property, farm, event or almost any other space*.

Please contact me and nominate the location for your video. As a CASA certified pilot I will use a drone to shoot the footage you need in a safe and controlled process.

I have been a photographer for over 25 years and extensively shooting video for the same time.

My wealth of experience ensures you will receive the optimum video and photograph footage for your business. I’ve shot hundreds of hours of drone footage across Australia and can provide you and your business with a simple and effective solution and unique angle as part of your marketing or PR.

Small sample of drone and aerial videos

What you will receive

  • Approximately 1-2 minutes of high quality HD footage which has been professionally edited
  • Up to 10 high resolution images edited as jpeg (different angles and heights)
  • Copyright of footage and images transferred to your business


  • $440

Aerial video is a great way to showcase your business, property features, large equipment and more from a different angle.

You can be assured and have peace of mind as all flights are operated under CASA certification, conducted with appropriate flight clearances and fully insured in a safe environment.

The drone is a high quality device with built in safety features such as a return to home function and will not exceed the CASA height restrictions of 400 feet or 120 metres.

Please contact us and nominate the location for your video.

You’ll love the new angles!

*Please note: In certain circumstances (such as flights in restricted or controlled airspaces), the Australian Government regulator may charge an additional fee for flight clearance. Brand Action will advise you of this fee (if it applies) and any other conditions at the time of booking. Brand Action reserves the right of service in some circumstances. Flights are subject to weather conditions and will be assessed depending on those conditions. Price includes GST. Payment is made on completion of video shoot and files supplied on USB Flash drive on receipt of payment.