5 Logo Design Trends You Need to Know About

Great logos are timeless and memorable because they are based on solid design principles that succeed in a variety of contexts. But staying current with trends has its place too. Both design agencies and in-house designers know the creative process is a slow evolution and the best logos adapt over time. Here are five possible trends in logo design ...

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10 Credibility Boosters for Your Website

Credability in your business nowadays can start with your website. As consumers and customers look at the ZMOT marketing...that is they research you before you know, your website can be one of the critical factors for creating action. Its a core reflection of your brand. Here's a great article by Matthew Newton that covers some of the absolute ...

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Protecting your brand online

All businesses want to ensure they have the right domain and online image, however there's a lot more to managing your brand in the online and digital environment. Net Registry have a simple little article looking at: Domain hijacking International audiences Misspellings Easy URLs Read more here

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Why most small businesses go broke and how to avoid it

A great article by Jim Connolly from Small Business Newz. Jim in his article how to kill a business and lists design and website as a couple of the main factors. How to kill a business Here are some common areas, where former business owners refused to invest and paid the price: By refusing to hire a great accountant, they had unnecessary ...

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Predicable user experience problems in travel website

Here's a list of 13 issues that users face with travel websites. See if you can iron them out of your online experience. Go now >

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How Brands Become Trends

This article is by Kathy Bloomgarden, CEO, Ruder Finn. What makes a brand trendy and resilient? Apple continues to lead the global brand value rankings and has maintained its reputation as an innovator despite the entry of other competitive products and a string of recent issues. So what are the passions and touchpoints that establish brands ...

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