10 Credibility Boosters for Your Website

Credability in your business nowadays can start with your website. As consumers and customers look at the ZMOT marketing…that is they research you before you know, your website can be one of the critical factors for creating action. Its a core reflection of your brand.

Here’s a great article by Matthew Newton that covers some of the absolute basics many businesses forget:

  • Make It Easy For People To Verify Your Claims
  • Show That You’re Real
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise
  • Show That Honest and Trustworthy People Stand Behind Your Site
  • Make It Easy to Contact You
  • Design Your Site So It Looks Professional
  • Make Your Site Easy to Use (And Useful)
  • Update Your Site’s Content Often
  • Use Restraint With Any Promotional Content
  • Avoid errors of all types, no matter how small they seem

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