Accommodation Video Production


A range of accommodation videos shot and edited by Brand Action. Utilising video for your accommodation business either hotels, motels, caravan park or other accommodation premises is a great way to showcase your product and rooms.

Customers like the use of a short, professional video to really show the quality of your accommodation business. They are able to see the layout easily, video cannot hide blemishes, and they get a feel for the experience. Brand Action are specialists in the development of accommodation based videos, creating a great edit, branding of the video and YouTube or Vimeo channels to distribute the video including optimised search engine results. For a small production cost you can better convert your customers with the use of video that can be seen thousands of time increasing your sales and brand awareness.

Quality video makes all the difference when it comes to potential customers deciding if they’ll buy your product. We understand you need to present the best impression and with great videos and photography you’ll create consumer confidence in your business. Great videos aren’t created by chance though. Elements you need to consider for the best shots include:

  • Correct video equipment
  • Exposures and focusing depth
  • Time of day
  • Presentation and layout of subject
  • Weather conditions
  • Environmental distractions
  • Cropping and angles
  • Panning and Zooms
  • Colour, saturation and sharpness
  • Post production of video
  • Editing, colour correction, music
  • Search engines and uploading into websites

Contact Brand Action for an accommodation video production around $450 per room its great value and return for our customers that continues selling for many years.

Arura Group Stays Yorke Peninsula Group Accommodation Video

Mungo Lodge King Deluxe Accommodation Video

Euston Club Resort Accommodation Video

Euston Club Motel Accommodation Video

Riversedge Caravan Park Accommodation Video

Riversedge Caravan Park Accommodation Video

All Seasons Houseboats Extreme Indulgence Accommodation Video

Wilkadene Cottage Accommodation Video

Renmark Custom Caravans Accommodation Video

All Seasons Holiday Park Accommodation Video

Riverdance Houseboat Accommodation Video

Adelaide Luxury Beach House Accommodation Video