Brand & Design Services


The world of branding can seem confusing and misleading. Essentially, branding is your entire business, from the way you answer the phone to consistency of your image. It is what and how you talk to your stakeholders > more | top

Logos & Trademarks

Logos are the unique mark for your business, service or product. They can be the only thing that distinguishes you from your competition where there’s nothing else. They are the best form of image branding and offer essential core value to your business. Design Train has considerable experience at Logo and Trademark design including advice on protecting your logo > more | top

Print Based Design

With nearly 20 years experience in the printing industry, we have a thorough understanding of print processes and applications. Printing can be tricky with little things to watch out for. If you’re not on your game it can cost a whole lot more than has been quoted. Due to our extensive experience we can not only guarantee you’ll get the right job for your budget but it’ll be right > more | top

Books & Publications

Design and printing of books and publications is a complicated process. The ability to manage large and varying amounts of information is vital. Design Train has a long history of design for books and publications. We also know the importance of consistency from the start of the design to the finish. Headings, captions, sub-headings, body, tables, photos and illustrations are all managed well > more | top

Print Management

Similar to print based design, our nearly 20 years experience in the printing industry has allowed us to gain valuable skills in print management. Printing can be tricky with little things to watch out for. Design Train can source very competitive quotes for your needs and budgets. We handle small print runs up to hundreds of thousands of anything you need. Due to our extensive experience we can not only guarantee you’ll get the right job for your budget but it’ll be right > more | top

Screen-Based Design

With a change in communication, transition from print to electronic mediums isn’t necessarily straight forward. Communication and structure are important for successful electronic and screen-based designs. Design Train has extensive experience in Website design, e-news, PowerPoint and other electronic communication devices > more | top

Website Hosting

Design Train can also manage your website and email hosting. We work with Redcap Hosting, an affiliate of ours to make life easy for our clients. No worries with working with different providers as it’s all managed in-house. We can also assist in registering domain names. Contact us if you’re looking for a simple hosting solution – We make life easy | top


Great photos make all the difference to your brand and image. Consider the importance of photography in your business and how it portrays your products and services. Great photos include management of light, angles, colour, sharpness, talent and image handling (post-production). Does your photography reflect well on the brand or your business? We love great photography and always encourage our clients to invest in good images > more | top

Other Visual Items

Design can extend much further than ink on paper or on a website. Communication on a large scale is different in that you need to understand images and viewing distances. Here at Design Train we’ve branded planes, helicopters, houseboats and an extensive range of signage. Contact us if you need some advice or would like us to assist you with your next project > more | top

Trademarks and Intellectual Property

It’s a messy world out there trademark infringement can be a complex issue, sometimes resulting in legal problems. When we design your original and unique branding and logo we undertake extensive research to ensure you avoid any legal issues in the future. We also encourage you to TM and Register ® your logos and by-lines. This ensures you better protect your valuable assets in the marketplace from competitors who want to trade on your name. Please contact us if you want more information on trademarks or IP more | top