Why most small businesses go broke and how to avoid it

A great article by Jim Connolly from Small Business Newz.

Jim in his article how to kill a business and lists design and website as a couple of the main factors.

How to kill a business

Here are some common areas, where former business owners refused to invest and paid the price:

  • By refusing to hire a great accountant, they had unnecessary cash flow problems.
  • By refusing to pay for a professional looking website, they lost sales leads and looked like amateurs.
  • By refusing to insure their business correctly, they lost everything when hit with a big, uninsured loss.
  • By refusing to hire a copywriter for their marketing, their response rates were 100′s of percent lower than they would have been.
  • By refusing to pay a designer for a professional logo, they looked amateurish. People don’t trust amateurs.
  • By refusing to buy the correct software and hardware for their business, they lost valuable time.
  • By refusing to pay a lawyer for the right legal advice, they lost everything when legally challenged.

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