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Station46 Euston Club Photo Panel

Station46 Euston Club Photo Panel

The Station46 Euston Club Resort photo panel was a large undertaking. Working with the client Euston Club Resort, the ABEO Architect’s and Interior designer created a retractable panel for the bistro to separate family function area and main dining.

The panels can be moved back. The panels are glass the the architect designed the idea of transparent aerial image of the local Murray River landscape that still shows light however isn’t a solid panel.

When the panels are folded back it’s aim was to create a creative and abstract overlay of images.

Firstly accessing a unique image in such high resolution of 5m x 3m would be difficult. Shane was able to photograph the image from 12,000′ feet above and enlarge high enough resolution to then have printed on clear vinyl and applied to the glass.

The towns of Euston and Robinvale are featured with the Murray River and local landscape clearly and interestingly being portrayed for a stunning and functional space in the bistro.